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It’s off to the press!!!!

Ok, I just finished the layout! It’s off to the printers first thing tomorrow.

I’m quite relieved. That was a nightmare! Next issue will be a lot easier I imagine. I pretty much had to learn how to use this super complicated and fancy layout program while I was making it.

Finishing the layout took me longer that I thought it would because I shot a moose and had to spend a few days processing it with friends.

I should have the paper in my hands by early next week and I’ll ship it out to y’all asap. So Stoked!

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Layout Time!!!

Ok all submissions for the first issue are in!!! They are going to run past our grammar and spelling editor, Celeste, and then Me and Rachel are going to do the layout together. I hope to have it in the printers hands before the new year. Then it’ll be about a week to print, and then it’s off to you guys!!

Here’s a little taste. The front cover it done. The tractor artwork is by Ragtime Rach and the banner is by Sean Fitzgerald. Soooo Stoked!!!

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I’m not ignoring you!

Ok, seriously, In the past week I have found 3 emails from people having questions and wanting to submit stuff that got lost in the crevices of my gmail account weeks ago. If you sent me an email and you were asking me a question, and I didn’t reply within maybe a week, email me again. I am getting a very high volume of emails about this paper and I’m not good at this shit. I’m just flying with it by the seat of my pants. I’m bound to fuck up. Sorry!

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New Online Resources Page

Thanks to Ian, the Saskatchewan redheaded wonder, we now have a list of Online Resources over here to our right.—->

This is an interactive list so if you want to add a sweet website, forum, or blog, Go ahead and tell Ian at ianspetrie@gmail.com.

In other news, after enjoying a nice 3-5 Grind related emails a day for the past week, I woke up to 15 email’s yesterday morning and started getting messages faster than I could reply to them. It’s seemed to have slowed down again. I found out the culprit was a Facebook group called Punk Rock Homesteading. Thanks for spreading the word.

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Good enough

Ok , I was fucking around with the layout on this stupid fucking blog. I’m done! fuck it! It looks like shit, and I don’t really give a damn.

I’ve started spending time on the layout of the paper (which is also going to look like shit). I think It’ll be alright though. I mean, the content is what really matters… right?

The content is going to be smokin’. Here’s a taste of what we got.

We have a home birth story, an article on sheet mulching, DIY oil lamps, Diesel Engine care in the winter, Some cute and awesome stories, A herbalism column, tanning hides, growing garlic, forest restoration, a kids section, and of course, the first of many of “Haybale’s Get Rich Quick Schemes”

I’m kind of 80% bed ridden right now from this sketchy health problem I’m having (I had a seizure on Monday, and I keep randomly getting light headed and fainting) But it turns out that It’s great for working on The Grind cause I can just lay in bed and reply to emails and work on layout all day. Let’s just hope I don’t die before I get this thing published.

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falling behind

Hey there folks! The submission deadline is closing in. I’m really excited. I just got the cover artwork in the mail today, super stoked!

I’ve been totally out of it the past couple of days, I’ve been dealing with some pretty gnarly health problems. I have about 40 unread emails in my inbox, so please forgive me if I haven’t responded to you. I’m not ignoring anyone.

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So, submissions are stacking up, so much in fact that I think I’m going to have to hold some back till the spring issue. But don’t worry, if you submitted something I will print it, I just can’t afford to make this first issue any bigger than 16 pages right now.

Which brings me to my next point. The Grind NEEDS more advertisers. It’s not super critical for this first issue, But if you guys want this magazine to stay free as much as I do, we’re going to have to do something, because as much as I love this project I can’t afford to fully fund this myself every issue. Some folks have suggested starting a Kickstarter or Indiegogo, but I have no idea how to do that.

Also, my buddy Ian from Saskatchewan is going to start a page of free online resources that would be useful for rural punks. This resource list will also be reprinted in the paper.

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Looking for Volunteers!

Ok, so I now have two folks south of the border who are going to help me distribute in the states, I am very happy to have the help. This is way too big of a project for just one little punk.

I’m still looking for for a couple computer savvy folks to step up to make this magazine even more of a success.

I’m looking for someone who has some experience or knowledge in doing layout on a computer. I want to be directly involved with the layout and design, but if anyone has any idea how to use InDesign or Scribus or whatever, you would be a huge asset to this paper.

I’m also looking for someone who knows any amount of web design. I know this blog could look a lot nicer, and be a lot more useful, but I have no idea how to do it, and no ambition to learn.

And if you think you might be able to help in any other way please feel free to let me know. Any and all help is extremely appreciated.

You can get ahold of me at my fancy new email address: punx@countrygrind.net (I nearly had a fucking aneurysm trying to figure out how to set that thing up so I could send and receive emails from that address from my gmail account. I fucking hate computers.)

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Wooo! now hosted at countrygrind.net

Ok, so I just realized that you can buy a domain name for only $8 a year. So now if you type in countrygrind.net you come here, and if you type in countrygrind.blogspot.com you get redirected to here. I seriously don’t have a clue how that works, but whateves, so go the mysteries of the internet.

Check out this beautiful drawing I just received from timMOTHeye:

Keep up the good works guys!

Posted by Gretchen at 8:00 am

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Free classifieds

Ok so lots of people were telling me that they thought the classifieds were awesome but no one was buying any, so now they’re free!! Common in and make yourselves comfortable.

Also, now I’m going to ship all the issues going to the states to some sweet rural punks in Oregon, and they’re going to mail them out to all of you individually, saving me probably around $100 Woo!!

Posted by Gretchen at 10:57 pm

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Cover artwork done, kids page on the way.

Holy Shit! My rural BFF Rachel from Buchanan, Saskatchewan just texted me a photo of her recently completed artwork that we’re going to use for the cover. It is fucking sick.

I’m so fucking stoked!!! Also, sweet ass rural punk mom, Tara from Stanardsville, Virginia is going to make a sick ass full page kids section!!! Here’s what she shared with me:

After careful collaboration with my consulting committee (my 8 year old son…)  we have decided to call it “the treehouse”  so the page will be laid out with a tree going up the right hand side margin, and branches around the top(basically just a border) with a big empty tree house, divided into rooms taking up the top ~ ¾ of the page.  Each room (and they will probably change issue to issue) will have something different.  So the “kitchen” might have a recipe that kids can do alone or with a little help, the “laboratory” might have a simple  science experiment, the “studio” might have an art project, the “library” might have a short story, poem, or riddle.  I’m pretty open to suggestions if anything leaps to mind.

I’d like to eventually include a “fridge” component so if kids send in pictures/drawings/whatever, I could include them like a mom putting kid-art on the refrigerator J

The bottom ¼ of the page will be the “leaf pile” which will have kid puzzles like word searches and find the difference etc.  I think I’ll do a background of a leaf pile then break some of the puzzles out onto single leaf borders too.

We might include something with the ladder but I’m not sure what yet.


I am so stoked. I’m normally not the most posi person around, but how can I not be ecstatic when people bring me things like this. And there is so much more cool shit that I’ve already received, but I’m not going to spoil it all, you’ll just have to wait.

Posted by Gretchen at 6:33 pm

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Fellow rural punks the Beehive Collective needs help!!

Hey folks, for those of you who don’t know the Beehive Design Collective they are a solid fucking group of activists and artists out of rural Maine who have been making beautiful pieces of art for at least 10 years now. Check out this video, and if you can, give ’em a couple of bucks!

Posted by Gretchen at 5:09 pm

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Submission deadline extension! Don’t worry, all is good!!

Ok, so things are starting to look really sweet. Rachel showed me a sneak peek of the unfinished cover art, It’s fucking amazing, I’ve dubbed her the Cross Hatching Queen. I’ve decided that because this is the first time I’m doing this, and I have seriously no fucking idea how to do layout, and I want this magazine to look good, I’m going to slightly delay it so that I can do the layout with my rural punk BFF’s Rachel and Mike when I go visit them in Saskatchewan for chosen family Crassmas. So because I’m delaying the layout I might as well extend the deadline as well.

So, The submission deadline has been pushed back two weeks to December 20th, 2013. Of course, this newspaper will be an ongoing thing so late submissions can always be used in later issues.

But things are looking great, we’ve got a decent amount of submissions already, and plenty of exciting stuff on the way. We’ve got a herbalist from Vermont who’s going to write a regular column on medicinal plants. There’s a mother of six from Virginia who’s going to make a regular kids section in the paper (you know, colouring, connect-the-dots and shit). We have educational articles, funny stories, beautiful photography, and mindblowing art. Words can’t even explain how stoked I am for this!

This paper has been a dream of mine for 5 years now, and not only is it actually happening, but it’s starting with a fucking bang! Again, thank you all for your support, I can’t say it enough!

Posted by Gretchen at 10:11 pm

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Rural Punk Classifieds!!!

Ok, so I’m really excited about this new idea. We’re gonna have a Classifieds section in the back of the paper. And in the classifieds we’re gonna have (tasteful) personal ads. Check em out over here—->

Are you looking for that special someone to share a rural punk life with? Maybe you’re a lone punk looking for a place to settle down? Or maybe you have a few extra acres on your land and you’re looking for just the right punk to share it with?

Well, the Country Grind Classifieds are for you! for only $1 you get 160 letters to say what you need to. Need extra space it’s only another dollar for another 160 letters.

Posted by Gretchen at 3:37 pm

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Ok, I made some stupid little pages to the right—–>

I figured out ad rates for the paper and I wrote some submission guidelines. I would like folks to actually take a look at the guidelines and tell me what you think. I’m not the dictator of the paper, just the editor.

There is also a little donate button if you can spare a little cash for an awesome project.

Posted by Gretchen at 8:31 pm

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Holy fuck! I posted a callout on the Profane Existance blog on friday night and over the weekend I’ve gotten over 50 emails from folks wanting to sign up. This is fucking sweet! I’ve received several submissions and got notice from folks who are working on some right now. I’ve gotten a few more advertisers, which really takes some of the financial burden off my shoulders. I’ve got over 60 people on the mailing list, and that doesn’t count folks who I already know. My good friend Rachel from Saskatchewan is working on the cover drawing. Sean Fitzgerald said he’d draw up a logo. A lot of people are submitting art, which makes me so stoked. This is looking like this first issue is gonna be sweet.

I’m still worried about doing the layout. I have absolutely no experience doing layout, I’ve never even made a zine for fucks sake. I think what I’m probably going to do is a mashup of layout on Openoffice and old school cut and paste, and then just scan all the pages for the printers.

If anyone has any experience or ideas with layout, I’m all ears.

Also if anyone knows anything about how to layout a blog better than this and has some free time I’d appreciate your help. Otherwise it’s just gonna stay like this. I’m surprised I even figured out how to put a picture in the background and make a paypal button.

Anyway’s thank you to all of you who have submitted articles and art, and all of you who have signed up to receive a copy, Including you city punks who’ve paid. Thank you so much everyone. This project wouldn’t be happening without all your support!!!


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Subscribing & Advertising

The first issue of The Country Grind is free if you have a rural address. (sorry city punks, you can still read it, but you’ll have to pay) What is a city verses a small town is up to my discretion. (yes, suburbs are cities, but Flin Flon, Manitoba, while technically a city, is undeniably rural and isolated as fuck)

If you’re a rural punk, email me your name and mailing address and I’ll send you the first issue. (Contact me about bulk orders) gbonegardener@gmail.com

If you’re a city punk, you can click this fancy paypal button or mail me cash/cheque (US bills are ok)

Edit: I had to bring up the prices slightly to counteract the amount paypal charges for the transaction. Also I just realized how much it cost to ship overseas so I had to mark the price up quite a bit, sorry.

Where are you from?
 Canada $3.38 CAD USA $4.45 CAD Overseas $10.59 CAD

All out subscriptions aren’t totally an option yet because I don’t know if every issue will be free yet. If I can get enough advertisers it will be, but so far I only have two. Right now this project is fully funded by me, and I’m not rich.
If you want to advertise in the Country Grind, please contact me. All submissions for the 1st issue are due by Dec 6th, but advertising in the spring issue is still totally an option.

I should have the first issue back from the press by Dec 21st.


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Original call out for submissions!

Hello Rural Punx!* For a long time I have been wishing there was an offline way of communication between us; the rural punks, back to the land skids, and backwoods anarchists. I’ve never been of the opinion that I should wait for someone else to do things, so I’ve decided to make a magazine (not a photocopied zine, but a real printed magazine, in a similar style to Profane Existence or Slingshot Magazine).

My vision for this publication is a quarterly published magazine, written for rural punks, by rural punks, that features articles and commentary, on subjects that are relevant to an alternative rural audience. These could be educational articles (tree identification, blacksmithing, tanning hides, edible/medicinal plants, auto mechanics, etc.), these can range from introductory to more advanced. There could also be commentary, (political ideals, battling drama in small communities, ideas on rural life, on-grid vs. off-grid etc.), or interesting personal stories (hunting stories, funny backwoods stories, how you found your way to the rural life, that time you came home and found a bear in your cabin, etc.). I’d also love to see some articles of us creating our own culture (chords and lyrics for folk/old time songs, recipes, book reviews, and maybe even a calender of relevant events across North America). The possibilities are endless…

I feel like this goes without saying, but obviously any racist, misogynist, homophobic, or transphobic, material will not be published. I also won’t publish any articles by vegans bashing hunters or vice versa. You are welcome to share your political/philosophical beliefs, but don’t force them down our throat or condemn other readers.

So here is where you folks come in. We need substance!! We need articles on anything relevant, something listed above or something you think would be awesome and fun to share. We need artwork!!!! This isn’t some boring manifesto by some dead european beard-o. This is punk. This it art! Make it look beautiful!! We need subscribers! Please, forward this email far and wide. If you are living rurally and would be interested in receiving a free copy of the finished project send me an email, postcard, or whatever. This magazine is nothing without a readership base.

The first issue will be free to any rural address. If I can find decent folks to buy ad space I would love for this magazine to stay free (otherwise it will probably be like $2-3 postage paid, or $3-4 to the USA. Only enough to cover printing and shipping).

So, to recap:

I am creating a “Rural Punk” magazine, I need your contributions.

If you want to contribute, contact me.

If you want a free copy of the first issue, contact me.

I will need any contributions for the first issue by the 6th of December, I hope to have the magazine sent out by the end of that month.

Thank you so much for your time and (hopefully) your support. Please forward this to any rural punk friends, or If you use it, put it on Facebook or Tumblr or whatever. Take care and bundle up, winter is coming.

~Gretchen Bonegardener

Contact me!

Via the webs: gbonegardener@gmail.com

Via reality:

Gretchen Bonegardener

Box 266

Ochre River, Manitoba

R0L 1K0


*I am using the word “punk” very loosely, I mean it in a way that includes any folks that are living there lives in a D.I.Y. way, are battling the status quo, and have some level of disdain for authority.

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