Month: January 2015

PDF’s of issue’s #3&4 are now available

Well after flailing on keeping up with the online parts of CG for a while we finally uploaded our summer and fall back issues. The Grind is first and foremost a print magazine, but we also want to be accessible, so we’ve always said we would put our back issues online. You can read them on the Downloads & Additions page.… Read more →

CGQ5 photo

CGQ5 is out!

The new issue is finally printed! Took some time, but we’re glad to be sending it out now. We have an awesome winter issue for y’all. Packed into this issue we have: -Building with pallets -sighting in your rifle -curing tobacco -lots of winter mental health stuff -comics -classifieds -recipes -and a lot fucking more!!! All of you who already… Read more →