About Us

The Country Grind is a quarterly newsprint zine for the epically badass rural punks, back to the land skids, backwoods anarchists, etc! It’s specifically for those folks who have ran away from the cities in search of a simpler, saner, and more fulfilling life. All content is written by fellow rural punks and is intended for a rural punk audience. Whether you live in a small town, deep in the bush, on a farm in the prairies, or tucked away in the mountains. Whether you’re on grid or off. A vegan gardener or a hunter/trapper. You’re a lone wolf or you’ve got a spouse and kids. As long as you’re a punk and you don’t live in a city, this magazine is for you.

Our definition of punk isn’t very strict. As far as this zine is concerned, if you are living your life in a D.I.Y. way, are battling the status quo, and have a decent level of disdain for authority you’re a fucking punk. (Of course, wearing mostly black and listening to loud aggressive music doesn’t hurt.)

Hence the name, we publish 4 times a year, aiming for releasing every solstice and equinox. We are always looking for submissions. Check out our submissions page for more info.