We will only accept ads from rad folks selling/promoting shit that is in line with DIY punk ethics.

Here are the ad prices. We are able to do a limited amount of space for trade. Contact us if you’re interested.

2.5”W x 4”H = 1/16 page $10
2.5”W x 8”H = 1/8 page tall $15
10.25″W x 2″H  = 1/8 page wide $15
5”W x 8”H = 1/4 page $30
10.25”W x 8”H = 1/2 page $45
10.25”W x 16”H = Full Page $100

We can also accept odd sizes. 2.5, 5, 7.5, or 10.25 inches wide by any height. Contact us for pricing.

File types in order of preference .psd (flattened!!) .tiff .jpeg .pdf

Or you can old school cut and paste an ad and mail it to us, but it would be cheaper and quicker to just scan and email it.

Don’t be shy to drop us a line if you have any questions.