CG #8 Is Here!

CG#8 cover

Nothing can stop us, we are indestructible! Get ready to receive the 8th Issue of The Country Grind Quarterly. (I can’t believe we’ve put out 8 issues already!!) I can honestly say we have one mighty fine issue of The Grind here, with everything you’ve come to expect from your favorite rural punk quarterly. With insanely awesome cover art by Izzy/Drawin Wolf from Pender Island, BC.

In this issue you will find:
-Herbal concoctions
-Framing with beams
-Food/water collection and storage
-Magickal thinking
-Cleaning bones
-Making a sketchy welder with broken microwaves!!
-How not to live in a yurt
-And lots more!!

Subscribers, you can expect to see your copy in the mail within the next two weeks, if you want to pick up an issue you can do so at:

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