Downloads & Additions

Back Issue .PDF’s

Here are the links to the .pdfs of back issues of The Grind. The release of the .pdf will be delayed by a few months because we want to encourage folks to actually get their hands on a print copy first. Also, we ask that you kindly refrain from using this to print, photocopy, and distribute The Grind yourselves. We appreciate that you just want to spread the word, but we are proud of the quality of our paper and would be kind of sad to see it distorted to a photocopied 8.5×11. If you want to distribute The Grind talk to Shauna at


CG #1 cover  CG #2 cover  CG #3 cover  CG #4 cover


Additions & Corrections

Here is where you can find the extra online bits to every issue; like crossword solutions, colour photos, corrections, and clarifications.

Issue #1 Winter 13/14

Issue #2 Spring 2014