Issue Number ten…Take two!

Hey rural punks! The rumor mill has been talking about it for a while, but we are now officially announcing the return of The Country Grind. We are coming back, but we want to make it clear, things will not be quite the same. This is going to be the only issue we will put out in 2017. Putting out an issue of The Grind is a huge amount of work, and frankly, we are burnt out. The winter is a great time to put out an issue of The Grind because we all have a lot more free time. Free time for us to layout and put together a great issue, and free time for you to finally put that awesome article idea down on paper.


Because this is our only issue for the next year we really want to go all out. We want to make this issue as large as possible. We are hoping for 40 pages. The only thing that will affect our size is how many submissions we get. If you have ever wanted to write an article for The Grind do it now! I don’t want to sound doomful, but this very well may be the last issue of the Grind. This might be your last chance to get your words printed on this finger staining rural punk newsprint.


Our official deadline for submissions is January 15th, and we plan to have the paper in your hands by mid-February, so you all have plenty of time to get an article together, you have no excuse but your own laziness, don’t let that stop you being a part of this amazing project.


If you want to submit and you haven’t in the past, please read our submission guidelines. Submissions should be sent to Rebecca at If she doesn’t get back to you right away don’t worry. She has your submission and will contact you only if there are any issues in the editing process.



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