Online Resources

Here’s a list of links to interesting sites with useful information, free downloads of books as .pdf files and blogs.  If anyone has anything to add, email:  This list was originally put together by our good friend Ian Petrie.

Remember too, the pirate bay isn’t just for music, there’s pdfs and video files on there with lots of cool stuff in it.  The more we share information, the stronger our global community can grow.  The focus on these links is free information, or information that is easy to understand and lets you create things on your own.
My primary interest in roaming the internet is for information related to farming, but rural living is conducive to all sorts of fun activities, and requires a ton of different skill sets so don’t be shy about sending useful stuff that doesn’t fit into the categories I have up already.  Thanks!!!


Anarchy Apiaries – Natural bee keeping and top bar hives.
Bush Farms – Tons of information about natural bee keeping, etc.
Bio Bees – Natural bee keeping and top bar hives.
Keeping with the Bees – Natural bee keeping with Perone style hives.


Cordwood Construction – Cordwood building blog.

Clothing (and Armour)

Blade Turner – Patterns for chain mail, leather and other kinds of armour.

Free Books

United Diversity Library Co-op
Core Historical Literature of Agriculture – A large collection of free public domain historical books on all sorts of agriculture, most of it written before chemical farming was a thing.



(The search button is your friend here to help sift through stuff)
Arborsite – Discussions about tree care, cutting and milling wood and woodstoves
Back Yard Chickens – Lots of info about anything to do with chickens.
Oil Burners – Everything diesel.
Permies – Forums and a few articles and videos about permaculture.
Paleo Planet – Discussions related to primitive skills like flint knapping, archery, hide working, basic metal work, etc.


off-grid – Plenty of cool resources for those living off grid, or aspiring to. Extends internationally- great for networking.
Punk Rock Homesteading – They’re famous! Check out their Facebook or website!


Old Ways Herbal – Juliette is a columnist for the Grind, check out her sweet blog!
South West School of Botanical Medicine – A ton of free resources on making herbal medicine
Jim McDonald’s Herbcraft – Lots of free articles and videos under “Seeds and Stems”
Northeast School of Botanical Medicine – Free articles, pamphlets and videos about herbal medicine


Folk Streams – A National Preserve of Documentary Films about American Roots Cultures
Cultural Equity Research Center – A collection of recordings of folk music from around the world.

Open Source Farm Tech

Open Source Ecology – Plans for DIY tractors and other useful farm technology.  Super rad.
Farm Hack – Website for sharing plans about everything rural living.
Root Simple – Lots of ideas for simple low-tech DIY living.

Plant Information

Plants for a Future – HUGE searchable database with a ton of options to search, and great information about edible or medicinal plants.
USDA Plants Database – Another massive database full of info on any plant you want to find.

Permaculture Design

Permaculture Research Institute – Lots of interesting articles, great videos in the must watch section.  The tours of Zaytuna Farms is pretty cool.
Permaculture Voices Podcast – A well produced podcast with a great diversity of subjects like sustainable farming, water harvesting, soil building, livestock, etc. – A series of videos by Geoff Lawton.  Very informative, hilarious epic music.


Sugar Mountain Farm – A great blog about raising pigs on pasture.  Lots of information, and the author almost always answers questions you ask him if the answer isn’t already on there.


Pond Boss – A magazine with a bunch of free articles about building and maintaining fish ponds.  The forums have a ton of information too.


Rise and Shine Rabbitry – Good meat rabbit info and interesting podcasts.

Seed Banks

J. L. Hudson Seeds – A public access seed bank with an Immense catalogue of all kinds of seeds from flowers to veggies to rare trees.

Vermiculture (Worms)

Red Worm Composting

Northern Bushcraft – A comprehensive database of edible plants, berries and mushrooms for every province in Canada.  At least one coloured picture for each entry, as well as information on seaweed and invertebrates in the pacific northwest.