Sorry for being terrible at the internet.

I know that we don’t update this website very often. I actually forget it exists sometimes, But then I just now realized that despite the fact that we haven’t updated it in months it still gets between 20 and 70 views a day, which is kind of a lot. And if that many folks are trying to check us out we should probably have some relevant content for them.  So here is some CG news as of the middle of February:

-We are sold out of t-shirts, but some punks on Pender Island, BC are printing us some new ones soon (including a *NEW* design) more info on that later.

-Yann (who is a regular contributing artist and drew the cover for issue #3) has drawn a whole deck of rural punk themed playing cards. I am currently in the process of laying it all out in Photoshop. You will be able to preorder them very soon on our webstore.

-We are not hiding the fact that we are seriously hurting for submissions. We need more rural punks like you to take action and write something up for the next issue of The Grind. This zine just can’t happen without you.

That’s all for now, I’ll try and be better about keeping this site updated, but do remember that we make a zine cause we hate computers.


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