So, you would like to submit an article, a drawing, or maybe some photography for The Country Grind? Well, we’re stoked! We have a few friendly guidelines for content filtering and a few requirements to make editing/layout easier for us. Please make sure you read them before submitting. Submissions can be emailed to We will edit simple typos or spelling and grammar mistakes in your submitted articles. If there is a bigger problem we will talk to you before changing anything major.  Also, see below for info on our accessible editing process. 

who can submit? 
Rural punx!  Our definition of “punx” is loose (d.i.y., progressive-minded, anti-oppressive, etc…  basically, you are a “punk” if you call yourself one.), but our definition of “rural” is not so loose.
You have to be in the thick of it to submit. We want to give space to those in very rural and isolated areas (eg. populations under 10 000). We do not accept submissions from city punks (eg. those living in city centres and similar spaces- 40 000 is not a rural town), but give us a shout when you finally take the plunge!
what can you submit? 
Articles, opinion pieces, drawings/art, poetry, how-tos, essays, comics, photography, recipes, book/zine/album/etc reviews, letters to the editor, classified ads, personal ads, or anything else that you can think of, really.
what kind of content can you submit? 
Stuff that’s relevant to, and (ideally) specifically written for and about, rural life.
All content should be geared towards an audience that is already rural. Our main goal is not trying to convince punks to leave the cities, but to create a culture and network outside of the cities for ourselves, the rural punks!
what kind of content can you *not* submit?
  1.  This should be obvious, but to be clear, there is zero tolerance for any discriminatory (sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc) content. Your submission will not be published and any future articles from you will not even be considered.
  2.  There will be no dogma in any articles. Points of view and opinions are welcome but you can’t force them down our throat or condemn other readers (example: Let’s say you hunt, you can write about hunting, you can write about why you think hunting is the fucking bomb, but you cannot write about how people who don’t hunt are fucked up and all hunters everywhere are far superior to non-hunters.)
format requirements for submissions:
  1. Text submissions are limited to 2000 words (less is fine), although we will accept larger articles on a case-by-case basis. Talk to us first.
  2. Please, no bulleted lists (or formatted numbered lists, like this one) , they are the bane of our editors’ existence. Simple unformatted lists are totally fine though.
  3. Submit your photos and drawings in black & white/grayscale. We don’t want to have to edit every single image in photoshop (like we did in the first issue).  Minimum resolution of 300 dpi.
  4. File types accepted in order of preference: Images: .psd .tiff .jpg .pdf .png Words: .docx .rtf .odt
  5. Please read over your work before sending it.  If you’re not an experienced writer, we’re totally willing to help you polish your writing (see below), but please at least run spellcheck once before asking us to put our time and energy into editing your work.  An excellent idea is to read your work out loud and see how it sounds.
Thanks for your patience and understanding.
Accessible Editing: 
We get that not everyone submitting to the grind is a professional writer.  We recognise that refusing an article because it’s “poorly written” can be ablist.  We have two major policies to try and keep The Country Grind accessible to contributors with all kinds of skills and skill levels.  First, we accept submissions based on content, not on the skill of the writer or quality of writing.  Second, we put a lot of time and energy into helping contributors with their writing, when necessary.  What this means is we offer constructive feedback to make sure that your submission is clear and easy to read, and that your message is getting across.
When we edit, we’re not concerned with elitist ideas like “proper” english.  We don’t edit out slang, or all your lovely “y’alls”.  However, we may ask for a rewrite if your language/style feels inaccessibly academic (for example, using complicated words or concepts where simple ones would get the message across just as effectively).  We have no problem with theory, or philosophy, but make it accessible!  Please do not send us writing that sounds like a bad translation of “the coming insurrection”, or like a political economy thesis paper.In order to keep things on time, we ask that anyone who might need extra help please submit to us early. That way we will be able to spend a good amount of time talking with you.
copyright info: 
If we print your work, you retain all rights to your work.  If you do reprint it somewhere else in the future, we’d love it if you mentioned that it was originally/also printed by The Country Grind Quarterly, but that’s just a friendly suggestion.
If you’re submitting previously-published material, please let us know where and when it was published.  It is also your responsibility to ensure that you, and we, have the right to republish your work.