The Country Grind’s “Embarrassing rural living stories” contest!!!

OK, so here is an idea for a future feature in The Grind. And we’ll even make it into a giveaway. Answer this question.

What is the most embarrassing situation you found yourself in when you first moved back-to-the-land? It can be a simple mistake you made with big consequences, that ‘brilliant idea’ that didn’t work out so well, or that time you learnt that really important lesson that you will never, ever, EVER forget. It has to be true, it has to be about something you personally did and it has to be under 100 words.

Some examples could be; pulling your truck out of the mud with a sketchy tow rope, and having it break and spring back at your windshield, completely caving it in. Or perhaps when you tightened the chain on your chainsaw but forgot to clamp the bar back down afterwards and your bar fell off while you’re bucking up logs, narrowly missing your legs. Or maybe when you didn’t hold your rifle against your shoulder properly and when it kicked back the scope hit you in the face so hard it gave you a black eye. Yes, those are all things that I have done in the past 5 years. Now what about you!?

All of the best answers will be published in the next issue of The Country Grind and the best (or maybe worst?), most embarrassing and hilarious story teller will win a Country Grind T-shirt, whichever design they prefer.

To enter; reply in the comments, post it on our Facebook page, or email it to Contest deadline is March 1st, but if we get a lot of great answers this could be an ongoing feature, so don’t be shy.

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