What the Hell is going on with The Grind!?

The past couple months The Grind has been radio silent. I am sad to announce that The Grind is going on hiatus for the foreseeable future. It is because of a combination of us being too busy and a consistent lack of contributors.

Our personal lives have been way too demanding to have spare time to work on the paper. I have started my own mechanic business as well as starting work as a paramedic. Leaving me pretty much zero time to work on the paper. I barely even see friends who live down the road, unless we bump into each other at the store. Rebecca and Shauna also have their own shit going on and despite our love of this project we don’t have the time to volunteer for this paper.

Also, as we stated numerous times, the grind can’t happen without submissions and for the last year getting enough submissions has been a constant battle. Layout, editing, managing subscriptions, and running the store is enough work on its own. Having to harass everyone who know (or don’t know) to write something for the paper feels like somewhere in between pulling teeth and herding cats.

We have closed our online store for the time being. We have fulfilled all of the orders we could and are in the process of issuing refunds to all the orders we can’t honor. We are also figuring out how to deal with folks who still have issues left in their subscriptions. Please give us a little bit of time while we figure this out. Folks who haven’t received any of their issues yet are going to get full refunds.

The Grind has been awesome project to work on. It has personally changed my life and helped me meet some truly amazing people. And while we are putting everything on hold I’m not ready to call it quits quite yet. I absolutely want to put out an issue #10, but it may have to wait until this fall or winter. I also want to find a publisher to help us make a “best of” book, with a collection of our finest articles along with a lot of new content. So we aren’t throwing in the towel quite yet.

The future isn’t written yet. If you want to help us write; it let us know.


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